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Appalachian Cultural Museum - This was my first job and where I really got into music and museums.

Museum of Appalachia - Located in Norris, Tennessee.  Vast collection of traditional Appalachian artifact, including buildings, and the have a wonder festival in August with plenty of music, demonstrations, and hands on activities.

Music, Musical Instruments & Music Stores

Ristreto's Coffee and Tea - This is the place where me and the gang do a lot of out public performances, and plus, Jerry has the best coffee in the Fargo/Moorhead metro area.

Elderly Instruments - Perhaps the best music store in the country.  Have a great online catalog with new and vintage instruments.

Steward-MacDonald - The store for luthiers.  Have tons of musical instrument building related tools, parts, tonewoods, videos, and books.

Banjo Seen - Want to give your banjo an old-timey sound?  One of the first things you should do is replace the mylar head with a real calf skin head.  Bill Miller has got you covered.  He sells calf skins in many sizes, and can even roll you a brass tension hoop for you banjo pot, and he takes Pay Pal.

Musical Saw - Free tutorial on how to play the saw, tips from the experts, tips, and lots of additional links.

Banjo Hangout - Everything banjo: Tabs, reviews, lessons, discussion links.

Jew's Harp Guild  - Dedicated on preserving the art of this interesting instrument.

Jug Band Rag - Articles, reviews, jokes, and much more regarding to jugband music. 

Jug Band Music Society - Info on numerous jugbands out there is cyber land, articles on how to play the jug, building a wash tub bass, and lots of links.

Internet Archive - This is a wonderful non-profit site that was founded to create an internet library.  Awesome collection of live music from numerous bands.  Some you have not heard from, but you will really like.  Movies, texts, congressional hears, presidential speeches, lectures.  All free to download.  In my opinion it is one of the BEST sites on the net. - Folk tunes archive for teaching and learning.  MP3 and lyrics for song old time and jugband tunes.

Old Time Herald - The magazine to get if you are into old time music.  Lots of great articles on old time musicans, past and present, instrument workshops, album reviews.

The Old Time Music Homepage - Great resource for hard to find old time music on the web.

Harmonica Lessons Online

GD Live - MP3 downloads of jam bands including the Grateful Dead, Phish, Widespread Panic, etc.  The Grateful Dead started out as a jugband group called The Mother McGree Uptown Jug Champions.  You can order a cd of the group from 1963 at - Great website and forum for those who are interested in recording their own music at home.

John Palmes Guide to the Mouthbow - Part of eFolk Music's website.  How to play one of the oldest known instruments. - A website about early tin and wax recordings.  Audio links on-line, and old recordings that you can by on CD format.  

Workshop & Festivals

John C Campbell Folkschool - Located outside of Asheville, NC, the folk school offers classes on music, dance, woodworking, blacksmith, and just about anything else you can imiage.

Merle Fest - Bluegrass festival in North Wilkesboro, North Carolina held every April, celebrating the life of Merle Watson, the late son of world renowned flatpick guitar player, Doc Watson.  Mostly bluegrass style playing on the mainstage, but there is plenty of traditional playing on smaller stages.

Doc Watson Music Festival - Held in July at the old Cove Creek Elementary School in Cove Creek, North Carolina.  Great old time music performances.

National Storytelling Festival - Jonesboro, the oldest town in Tennessee.

Birth Defects

Poland's Syndrome - You may have noticed in some of the photos on the website, or if you have been to a performance, that I have a deformed right hand.  I was born with a rare birth defect called Poland's Syndrome (named after Sir Alfred Poland).  When I was a kid, me biggest wish was to be able to drive a car with a standard transmission.  I would have never dreamed back then what I am doing today.  By the way, four of the five cars that I have owned have been standard transmission cars.