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Recommended Programs
Not only do I provided music and storytelling programs, but also hands-on programs in which participants get to take their creations home!

    Music and Storytelling programs
  I can provide a public address system if needed for all programs.

  • Musical- Songs and instruments from early European settlement of Appalachia to the 1930s.  Covers the history of guitar, banjo, and mountain dulcimer through the time period.  Histories of one instrument or combinations.

  • Storytelling- Listen to centuries old tales of Jack.  Although those around him see him as inferior to themselves, he always saves the day.

  • Jugband- Make music yourself, even if you have no musical experience.  Try your hand at kazoo, spoons, washboard, washtub bass, or anything else you can dream up.  Program for groups of any size, but highly recommended for small groups.

  • Try them all!- Program incorporates all three programs.  An hour program includes short history and one or two tunes on each instrument, one to two jack tales, and two jugband pieces.

      Other programs
candle making
  • Hand-dipped Candle Making- Learn how to make candles the old fashion way, by adding wax to a wick one layer at a time!  Participant will go home with at least two function candles.  Please note this project involves melted wax, and the project will need to be done outside.  All needed equipment is provided.

  • Cornhusk Dolls- Back in the 18th century before Walmart, where would people go to buy toys?  They would make their own!  In this workshop participants will make at least one cornhusk doll (either a woman wearing a skirt, or a Super Cornman action hero)

  • Old Time Fun and Games- Learn how to play games that have been popular for hundreds of years,            including Kick the Can, Crows and Cranes, Marbles, and games of skill!
  • Build and learn to play the coffee can banjo- A two part workshop.  Participants will first build the banjo, and on the following meeting, will learn to play simple tunes.  The fret positions are set up just like that of a mountain dulcimer, which makes the instrument easy to play.  All parts are provided, but participants are encouraged to bring their our coffee can (preferably plastic) or other similarly sized container.  Adult help is encouraged with this workshop.  An additional fee of $8 per participant for supplies.