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banjo group

Hand-made Fretless Banjo
My fretless banjo are based on those built be the Hicks and Glenn families of Watauga county, North Carolina.    Available in the hard wood of your choice (cherry, black walnut, and/or maple) with a calf skin head. 

Various options are available. Please see price list below.

You can hear a many of my banjos at my You Tube channel. View featured videos below.

$400.00 + s&h. Price includes base banjo with any of the no charge options. See details below.
Wood: Walnut, Cherry, Maple

Wood choices

The banjos have four major wooden components (top/middle/bottom hoops and neck).  The banjo can be made all out of one wood or wood species can be mix among the components.

The following woods are available in a standard banjo:

  • Walnut
  • Cherry
  • Non-figured Maple
  • Wormy Chestnut

Other woods are available, but may affect pricing.

The following options are available at no charge:

  • Neck scale
  • Left handed neck
  • Brass screws or wooden plugs attaching the hoops
  • Frailing scoop
  • Light steel or nylgut strings

There is a charge for the following

  • Brass dot indicators on side of neck- $10
  • Railroad spike on 5th string- $5
  • Brass overlay from the nut to 5th/7th fret position- $15
  • Inlay starts at $15.  Price varies according to material and design


The base banjo comes with hand-made friction tuners.  Tuner upgrades are available.

Friction tuners - no cost

Grover Friction Tuners - $65

5-Star Planetary Tuners - $110

Peghed Tuners _ $120

Calf skin finish options:

Banjos come standard with unbleached natural skin.  I can provide a coffee stained finish or tye dyed finish.

Coffee stained finish - $5

Tye Dyed finish - $15.  Please send me your color request.  I can do two and three color combinations.

Please contact me for info on paying for options.

Featured videos
The following are video of me and customers playing my banjos:

Me and my fiddler from my old stringband:

Me and part of my old time stringband

Telephone: 701/219-5937